Low Cost Veterinary Dental and Other Procedures

Our doctors have performed most common surgeries on dogs, cats and other domestic animals.   Specialties include: ACL repair, fracture repair, mass removal and distocia (C-section).   If your animal needs surgery please call us to discuss it to determine if we can provide an affordable alternative to traditional veterinarians.

Other Common Procedures Include:

Teeth Cleaning, Dental Prophylaxis: $250 (Includes Sedation / Anesthesia)

Retained Baby Teeth Removed: $25.00 (each)

Anal Gland Expression: $10.00

Umbilical Hernia Repair: $50.00

Pregnant / In Heat: $50.00

Cryptorchid (Retained Testicle): $75.00 (each)

Dew Claw Removal: $12.50 (each)
*Skin attachment only. We can give you an estimate for dew claws that have bone attachment, after the doctor does an exam.

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus? (Bloat): $1,700

Cherry Eye: $300 (1 Eye), $500 (Both Eyes)

Pre-op Consultation: $50

Euthanasia: $100

 Phone: (661) 222-1111