About Dr John Roueche

Dr. John Lewis Roueche is a licensed Veterinarian from Colorado State University. He graduated in 1997 as a General Practitioner with a job immediately waiting for him in Las Cruces New Mexico. He practiced there for years gaining an incredible variety of knowledge and experience while working on large animals, farm animals, small animals, and even exotics.

During his time in New Mexico he gained a love for surgery and he developed the unique ability to work on all types of animals and to”think outside the box.”   He has a gift for figuring out solutions for even the strangest problems.

After working in New Mexico for some time, he and his wife Stacey made the move to California to be near family. This is where they started a family of their own and Dr. Roueche began practicing as in a General Practitioner in Agua Dulce, CA.  Currently, Dr. Roueche owns and manages his own large animal mobile practice.

In 2012, he partnered up with Dr. David Robertson to form the Affordable Veterinary Clinic, a small animal surgery clinic in Newhall, California.